Which necklace flatters these necklines?

I don’t know about you ladies, but I have always wanted a guide of which necklaces to wear with specific necklines.

We put together a simple guide to assist you when you need a little help.  The guide below explains what types of necklaces to wear with a crew neck, scoop neck, strapless, halter,  one shoulder, collared shirt or boat neck.

Remember, these are not absolutes and you are free to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and fabulous!



which necklace should i wear with different necklines








































So, what is your favorite neckline to wear?




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TREND WATCH – TRIBAL/AZTEC/NATIVE – Whatever you want to call it – its HOT and we love it and we are calling it NATIVE SUMMER

indian-art-ikat-navajo-feather-boho-aztec-african-rug-print-geometric-inspiration-moodboard-magazine-trend-2015-2016-summer Source –   Artist Vasare Nar


The big question is HOW THE HECK do we wear it without looking like we are wearing a carpet?

Very carefully of course.  Make sure that you aren’t over doing it – just small accents here and there will be best.  Maybe limit it to just a small bag or shoes, or if its clothing tone it down to a limited palette of colors.  If it is simple – then add a punch of colors for an unexpected twists.

We’re so in love with this trend we created its own board on Pinterest with inspiration on how to where and what to wear.

Check out our newest arrivals below and shop the Native Summer collection here.






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Walking in Memphis in High Heels



We hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend!  We just wanted to post a quick pic and a link to Walking in Memphis in High Heels.  If you don’t know Laura’s blog you should take a moment and check it out, we’ll wait here.  Super cute right?

Laura was kind enough to feature our Ponti Circle Skirt and we love the way she styled it with the feminine hued sequins and a touch of neon.

So tell us, how would you style it?

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First date outfit colors and what they say about you – infographic

First date outfits and what your colors say about you an infographic from a-thread

If you enjoyed the infographic, feel free to share with your friends or readers. Just be sure to use the embed code below!

What’s your favorite color to wear and why?

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We just turned one in May and we really wanted to reflect on our first year, where we started, what we learned and celebrate a little too – whoo hoo!  We asked ourselves a lot of questions, but the hardest was how to improve the shop for all our customers?

Being a new online store isn’t easy, its actually really hard, and we definitely know what its like to run on a tight budget.  We do our best around here to do more with less and save where we can because times are tough.  I know that this doesn’t apply solely to start up companies like us, but to families and individuals across the country.  This explains why extreme couponing is America’s new obsession (other than the fact that its incredibly fun) and why discount stores are doing better than ever.  People don’t want to spend too much for anything and who doesn’t love a good deal – we totally get it!

So we thought, what could we do to contribute?  One of the best ways is by keeping our costs as low as possible without unfairly squeezing our supply chain partners.


To be real, I love all the amazing creative content that comes from some of our fav stores,  but what we don’t realize is that all of those amazing photos, content, and the super cool in store experience cost A LOT of money.  At the end of the day, its the customer who pays for it.

What happens is the retail price remains at a certain level but since the retailer can’t ask the customer to pay more (especially in this economy), they begin to squeeze their suppliers and manufacturers for cheaper prices which leads to lower quality – then those manufacturers turnaround and pressure their textile suppliers and the domino effect continues.  The effect is that you get a product that is lower quality than what you should get for the price you paid and the businesses in the supply chain suffers for it.

So, we decided to stay lean and lower our prices.  We will do our best to source fairly from our supply chain partners and to pass those savings on to you.  We don’t have a storefront and we won’t go to Bora Bora for a look book photo-shoot – in fact, Kevin will shoot it right here in our office/studio so we can save some dough and pass the savings on to you.

Lastly we decided to make some changes to our Shop & Effect program.  Updates will be coming and there is a little bit about it in the graphic above, but this past year has been a huge learning experience and I can’t wait to show you all what we are cooking up for you.

We at a-thread really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we are so grateful for all of our customers & visitors.  We couldn’t and wouldn’t have made it this far without all of your support and love and we want to wish you and yours a very Happy 4th of July!!

Celebrate the 4th with a sale on all regularly priced items plus an additional 25% off with the code FIREWORKS25 (only on regularly priced items) until 7/7/13.  I know – its crazy town right??



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Motivation Mondays w. 13 – Be Kind

athread_week13 (1)

Download the print here

Design by Emily at Splendid & Sound


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Happy Monday and a Bow Tie for Samson


Happy Monday!  We are working on a super secret collaboration with some friends of ours in the Bay Area.  While we can’t divulge too much – we thought we would share a sneak peek of Samson’s recent photo shoot.

Samson is our dapper little mascot and he brings so much joy into our office everyday.  He never calls in sick and is always ready to go with his never ending supply of kisses.

In preparation for his photo shoot we asked our fab intern Alysha to make us a bow tie and thought we would share the DIY steps so you can make one for your pup or kitty.


You will need: fabric, scissors, measuring tape, and a needle and thread (not pictured)


You can use any kind of fabric for the bow tie – but may want to use a woven fabric.  The stiffer the fabric the stiffer the bow and the droopier the fabric the droopier the bow.  For the fabric you want to end up with two pieces.  The first piece will measure 12″ by 21″.  The second piece will measure 22″ long by 3″ wide.


Take the larger piece of fabric and fold it in half.

Then take each end along the sides and fold them to meet in the middle.  You will want to hand stitch the seams closed along the middle to keep everything in place.  Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be pretty because it will be covered up.

Then take the long piece, fold so that each end meets in the middle (lengthwise) and also stitch it up along the seam.

If you don’t want to sew this is where fabric glue can come in super handy.  You can use Aleene’s its made in the US.  But again, the stitches really don’t have to be pretty and there is no waiting time for the glue to dry.


OK – we are almost there to the finished product!  Take the thicker piece and squeeze the middle.  Can’t you see the bow forming?

Then use the longer piece and tie a knot around the center of the rectangular piece – secure it if you wish with additional stitches or fabric glue.  Then TADA!  you are done.

Kind of…you will need to get your pet and either tie the bow onto their collar and trim the remaining fabric, OR if you are just going to have them wear it for a short time you could tie it around their neck.  We wouldn’t recommend this if you are going to leave them unattended.

All in all we think Samson looks pretty handsome in his mint bow – what do you think?


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Travels Far & Wide



I recently came across a travel notebook that I purchased for a trip to Australia in 2008.  One of my best friends from college – a Korean American gal was marrying her beau – a Greek Australian gentleman.

The ceremony took place in a Greek Orthodox Church and the reception was held in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest – seriously- in a clearing in the MIDDLE of the rain forest!!  Anyhow, this little journal reminded me of all the little details you tend to forget after time has passed.  I meticulously recorded what we ate, where we went and with whom.  Amazingly I had run into another college friend in the middle of Sydney – he had seen me and assumed it was my doppleganger – but the second time he saw me – he called out my name and we got to catch up as we had lost touch.

I love traveling and don’t get to do it as much as I wish – but that doesn’t prevent me from reminiscing in those moments and getting to relive them.  Taking the time to walk down memory lane was a nice little treat – and while it is no where near being there, it was lovely to remember all those little details again.

Where are your favorite vacation spots and how do you preserve your travel memories?


Image Sources:  

One.  Martha Stewart Blog Two.  Martha Stewart Three.  A Beautiful Mess  Four.  Oh Happy Day



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Motivation Monday w.12: Choose happy

As promised, here’s a custom print from Stephanie Sterjovski for today’s Motivation Monday! We asked her to design this quote because it’s an easy, simple reminder you can tell yourself any day of the week to get off on the right foot. As always, there’s a downloadable version that you can print out & display on your desk or wall. Enjoy!


Download the print here
Design by Stephanie Sterjovski – SS Print Shop

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Getting to know: Stephanie Sterjovski





our giraffe print skirt , all images from http://www.stephaniesterjovski.com/ . © photos by neal jolly

When I was first introduced to Stephanie’s blog I immediately fell in love with her playful style! From the way she styled our giraffe print skirt on the Everygirl, you can see she’s unafraid to mix and match some fun prints. She’s also been sharing some awesome spring + summer outfits lately that make me want to hit the beach asap. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s an amazing designer and the prints in her SS Print Shop are both gorgeous and infused with positivity. I was really excited when she agreed to do a short interview with us, her answers turned out to be just as much fun as her blog posts and I hope you enjoy them!

When & why did you start and what are your favorite topics to blog about?

I started blogging back in 2010, but didn’t take it too seriously, and had used a portfolio platform. I finally switched over to Blogger, with a re-design and new URL, in the summer of 2012. I would like to think this is when I officially started blogging, and became truly committed to what I wanted to make of it, with a consistent posting schedule. I love sharing what has inspired me, there is definitely a strong influence of fashion on my blog, but I’m not very monogamous when it comes to content. I love posting about a range of things such as design, photography, beauty, décor etc. which all fall under the ‘lifestyle’ umbrella my blog stands for. I try to have content that is digestible, and will resonate with my readers, while staying true to my own opinions and interests.

What’s the one major style lesson you’ve learned over the years?

The biggest style lesson I have learned over the years is dressing for your body type. When something compliments your shape you look your best, and feel confident, which is the best accessory out there to wear!

How did you choose to style this piece(s) and what inspired the look?

I chose to style the giraffe skirt playing off the colours of the animal itself! The tan and white polka dot top pulls together the shades of a giraffe’s print. A piece like this is so fun, you can really get away with doing something unusual like mixing patterns, colours etc. to play it up and it just works!

Tell us a secret that no one knows!

I wouldn’t say no one knows this, but perhaps my readers don’t! Most of the time, I’m in a Backstreet Boys t-shirt circa ’97, with my hair tied up in a bun (if I’m at home of course). It’s quite hilarious, because I think some may think I sit around at home in these cute little outfits, meanwhile this is so not the case! I feel slightly exposed now : )

Are there any non-profits that you admire or work with today?

I have been introduced to some incredible hope givers, and non-profits through my church. The Scott Mission in Toronto is one that is really important to me, which branches out to help the poor, homeless, abandoned and vulnerable of all ages. It’s a local effort I can participate in my own city to make a difference and really get involved. For global outreach, I also love Hands Across The Nation (HATN).

We adore your print shop – can you tell us a little about how you got started and what inspires you?

Thank You! My print shop really transpired from my hobby: blogging. I’ve always loved doing graphic posts for my blog, and would post a quote of the day designed by me each week. I started getting inquiries if I had sold them, and to make customs, and all of a sudden a business was created for me. I have a background in business and did a lot of research, and with so much love and support from my fellow blogging friends in this great community it grew and grew and grew!

Since our motivation mondays are so popular, I thought it’d be fun to ask Stephanie to design a print for a-thread. We’ll be sharing a print soon that she custom designed for us, so be sure to check back!

You can catch more of Stephanie’s summer looks at www.stephaniesterjovski.com, where she covers all areas of photography, design, beauty, fashion and decor. If you enjoyed this post you can let her know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!



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